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it’s a small world with toddlers

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For this week’s Mashup/Remix assignment I decided to mix some audio with video. It took me a while to figure out exactly what kind of video I wanted but I definitely knew that I wanted it to be funny. I then thought about America’s Funniest Videos so I looked on Youtube and I was super excited to see that AFV had a whole collection. I downloaded my favorite and then thought about what audio I could mix with it. I wanted something that had to do with kids and then the song ‘It’s a Small World’ written by Disney popped into my head so I knew I had to use it. I thought it would be neat to look up different versions of it and I found one in French that I got from Youtube as well. I converted it in a Youtube to mp3 converter and I did the same for another one that’s a sort of techno/electronic remix of the song. To download the video, I used the Fastest Free Youtube Download software and then converted it into an m4v using Handbrake. I then opened both video and audio in iMovie and I put them all together.

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