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Do The Constantine Mash

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So, this is my mash up, which I thought we had until today to do. I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while (since we got the assignment) and at first I wanted to compare anĀ originalĀ movie with its remake (example, Wizard of Oz with Oz) but I realized that would require owning both those movies, which I didn’t in many cases. So, I decided to mix soundtrack with movie. The soundtrack I chose was Lux aeterna by Clint Mansell, from Requiem for a Dream. Clint Mansell tends to do a lot of the scoring for Darren Aronofsky films. Lux Aeterna just happens to be one of my favorites and many peoples favorites because it’s been widely used in many commercials and recently in the opening for The Cleveland Show. So, maybe my idea isn’t exactly original but I really wanted to do it. I thought the perfect scene to mash it with was Constantine. You can read about Constantine here. This mash up probably won’t make sense if you haven’t seen the movie but it’s actually a pretty visually stunning scene in the movie. I basically just cut up the last scene on Pinnacle and then tried to match up the song to certain shots. In some parts you can obviously tell I cut the song there…so, it’s not exactly smooth but it was fun. I like the idea of really dramatic music with slow motion so I tried to use it like that.

what it here:

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