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Harry Heck

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Harry Heck

I was actually watching a part of this movie last night with my parents and when I read the assignment, this guy immediately came to mind. Keep in mind that I’m not a big comic book person so I don’t know if Harry Heck appears regularly in any comics or other movies, but he seemed to have a pretty minor role in this movie. Judging by this scene, I would say Harry started his day with a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and the newspaper. He was probably reading the article about the Punisher in the newspaper. Then, I’m guessing he sat down and started playing his guitar. He finally jotted down some words and threw together this song. I think he probably practiced it a few times then left the house to go buy a suit jacket for this special occasion. After he bought the suit jacket, he returned home and proceeded to paint his fingernails. His fingernails must have still been wet when he was getting dressed, which is why he missed a few buttons on his shirt. After he got all dressed up, he sat down with another cigarette or two and practiced the song a bit more. Once he felt like it was time to go, he placed his guitar in its case and went to go play for the Punisher. I can’t really tell you what he did after the scene because Castle kills him. So I’m assuming nothing happened.

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