24: Analysis

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I did not find the final project to be particularly difficult as none of the posts required a great deal of work. It was actually rather enjoyable to work on a series of small projects. The greater challenge though was being able to pace myself. I was able to think of a little over a dozen ideas right away but I wanted to be sure that I could submit updates on a fairly regular schedule.

On thing which I found notable was that there were a number of different ways of re-interpreting the story depending upon which aspects are to be modified. One was through analogy which is what I did for a number of the later posts. Some took the story and placed it in another form of media. Others sought to modify one aspect of the story or to use unconventional methods.

Here is the list:

23: Batman the Animated Series                                                        analogy

22: Personal Comic Strip                                                                        new medium

21: Fall of France                                                                                       analogy

20: Starcraft                                                                                                analogy

19: Mycenean Art                                                                                     new medium

18: Haida Art                                                                                              new medium

17: Bible Verses                                                                                        new medium

16: Absent Leopard                                                                                remove an element / tell a different story

15: Absent Fox                                                                                         remove an element / tell a different story

14: Winter Sports                                                                                    analogy

13: Non Sequitur                                                                                     non sequitur

12: Troll Quotes 2                                                                                   non related assignment

11: D’ni Language                                                                                    different language/ fanfiction

10: “Jack” (David Hopkins)                                                                 new medium / fanfiction

09: “Precocious” (Christopher Paulson)                                       new medium / fanfiction

08: Operating Systems                                                                        analogy

07: Newspaper Article                                                                        new medium

06: Economics Notes                                                                          new medium

05: Research Paper                                                                              new medium

04: Troll Quotes                                                                                     non related assignment

03: Simplified                                                                                        all extraneous details removed

02: German Version                                                                           different language

01: Original Greek                                                                                different language

00: Template

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