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I haven’t really thought of what “digital storytelling” is and how it can be used until I started taking this class. “Digital Storytelling” was a whole new concept to me.
Like mentioned in my letter to the future ds106 students, I gained a lot of knowledge about different techniques that I could use to tell stories through photos, videos, writings and even more. What I did not expect was the least amount of time that was required to complete a single assignment, though, it was worth it. I just wish that I had more time to work on some of the assignments I really enjoyed doing. Literally, every assignment is my favorite (maybe except for the radio show assignment) but if I were to pick one and only one, I would go with my very first assignment which was making an animated gif. (shown below). I remember not doing any of my work that day except for this one because I guess I was having too much fun making animated gifs. In terms of my proudest work…I would say everything. One, because I spent so much of my precious time trying to make them look GOOD in which I failed to do in some of the assignments, and two, because they are all my favorites.
For my final project, I personally think it was a really good opportunity for me to get to know people a little better by finding out about their interests, their ultimate goals in life, and etc. I don’t think I would do anything differently if I were to do it again but if I have to, then I would probably get some more people involved in it.
Overall, I’m taking a LOT of ideas from this class (at least I think I am) and I see myself applying them to all aspects of my life. For instance, I play with gimp all the time and watch a lot of gimp tutorials on YouTube. The techniques that I learned in this class are really taking over my life…no but they are really useful. Thanks to Martha for teaching us great materials.

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