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Progress Report

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Well I have decided the medium I want to deliver my project with, One True Media. It was actually from the list of 50 that we based our web2.0 assignments on. It has movie, picture, and audio capabilities. I have compiled 75% of the media content I want to incorporate, so hopefully next time I post I will be close to the finish line. Two changes to my outline I posted: I will not be incorporating entropy or the conservation of energy. Though important, they are outside of the realm of what this presentation is going for. What exactly is this presentation going for you wonder? I would like to give you a background in all the crucial areas and then expand that knowledge to understand ideas such as the beginning and end of our universe. All of this in a fun and non-jargon simplified sort of way. My chief goal is to spark interest in something rich beyond belief, but unfortunately can often be bogged down with stereotypes and intimidation.

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