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 My favorite work is obviously the one posted below (the final project.)  In regards to the rest of the class there are a few that stand out: The Lost in Minecraft Series (because of its level of creativity, Travis’ Video on how to make people angry (mostly cause his niece is so adorable) and who could forget the advertisement for Cocaine during the ds106 radio week. 

If you told me at the beginning of the class that I would be able to create movies from scratch, like the one for my final project, I would have called you a liar.  It may seem like the most trivial thing but I am very excited about the skills I have honed in iMovie throughout this course.  I also think I may have gotten the video making bug so I’ll more than likely keep my site up if I can keep the good material coming.  Writing is definitely the hardest part.  Writing good material is even harder.  This has been the overarching challenge for the duration of this class.  How did the class meet and challenge my expectations overall?  I would settle for par.  Am I pleased with the results and skills gained?  Yes.  Not to say my expectations were low or that they were high, I was challenged creatively at times and I like that.  The class definitely went the way I thought it would.  That we would touch on several areas of multimedia design on the web, put them to use creatively, and learn new skills.  I am very happy with the way my final project turned out, very pleased with it.  I am easily the proudest of it in terms of my other work from the semester.  It was like giving birth.  Over the past couple months, up until final editing last night, several hours went into the development of this 7 minute video, but I had a blast making it.  I really honestly enjoyed editing and bringing this thing to life in iMovie.  The whole process was pretty straightforward:  Write out the ideas, go through several revisions.  Write some more and make some more revisions.  Film.  I shot all of the footage I created using my iPhone 3GS.  I compiled all of my film and sourced media and mixed the project out in iMovie for Mac.  If there was one thing I didn’t like about the whole project that would be the sound of my own voice.  I did voice-over narration parts for some segments and I tried my best to get that epic A&E/movie trailer narrator sound but just fell short.  I will without a doubt take away this movie making/production/creation process from this class.  As soon as I can get some more quality material written I will be making more films.

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