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I know these create assignments are late, but for my last one I chose fanfiction through an un-scene story, where I get to pick a minor character from a movie or TV show and write what they were doing before they entered the scene and after. I thought a good way of doing it would be to go on YouTube, find a random episode of That 70′s Show and not watch part 1 but go straight to part 2. The reasoning behind this is that I like to watch the show but I never really watch it in order, so instead I skip around episodes and to this day don’t know the full story to the show. Like do we ever find out where Fez is from?

Here’s episode 5×24, part 2 on YouTube – I pick the mom, Kitty – only watch up to minute 2:06

Before this scene: Eric has done something that definitely doesn’t please her and she wants to make sure that he experiences the full wrath of Red, the dad, so that Eric can right his wrongs. I think this happens because they minute Eric and Donna flinch at the sound of Red’s car pulling up and try to run away from the kitchen, Kitty stop them and says: “No you don’t. You made your bed now you have to lie in it. Oh who am I kidding? You never make your bed.” She has so much sass and uses this in her favor to dilute tension when people are upset. In this scene, she probably wants to keep Eric at home or keep him from doing something that will eventually make her sad.

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