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D’arcy Jones

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So basically, this is the last day of ds106 and I will miss you all. At 9pm, I have to make this presentation of a real-world character that I had to choose to make a story of. The characters were all key figures in the DS106 possy and I ended up with this guy, D’arcy Norman. I figured that sounded like an explorer’s name so I decided to expand upon his character and make him an explorer.

So one day after getting off from his shift in the DS 106 radio, D’arcy Norman decided to entertain his childhood fantasy of becoming an explorer. He had traveled the world, met interesting people, but there were things he still hadn’t seen yet so he gathered his gear and prepared for an adventure! He picked up a fedora, put on a classy button-down shirt, grabbed his tattered pair of jeans and topped it off with cow boy boots. The last piece of his deadly explorer arsenal was his trusty whip. He needed it to fight off the various dangers that he would face. Where was his destination? The digital frontier of course.
Ever since he was little, D’arcy wanted to show the world something that would make them freeze in awe and inspiration. He figured he would find that very thing in cyberspace.
His first stop was the magical world of twitter. He had heard of this twitter and decided to get an in on the local gossip, however he had gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the tweets of this twitter and had to redirect his attention to Midway.
Midway was a nice place. It was a big beach, but upon his arrival he was attacked by sea gulls that were contaminated by plastic and pollution and bitter towards humans.
After his desperate retreat, he had to change directions and change equipment. He entered the wonderful world of windows and change the blue skys of the windows into white opague views.
He finished his journey stuck in outlook falling asleep to some windows error message. “Mac is so much better” he told himself.

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