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  1. mglitzos

    D’arcy Jones

    So basically, this is the last day of ds106 and I will miss you all. At 9pm, I have to make this presentation of a real-world character that I had to choose to make a story of. The characters were all key figures in the DS106 possy and I ended up with this guy, D’arcy ...
  2. mglitzos

    Final Project: Self-Help Stuff

    Self Improvement, Not Self Imitation: So for the last couple of days, something’s been irritating me and while I can’t seem to find any immediate solutions, I have found yet another personality flaw in my character. I know deep stuff right. Part of this might be direct cause to my change of diet and also ...
  3. mglitzos

    Final Stretch

    So this is the last weekend before finals and I figured I would reflect on what I learned throughout the course of this class. I really had no problems with the instructor or my classmates, but I really saw this course as a joke. I mean, yeah there was a time where I could flex ...
  4. mglitzos

    A Real American Hero

    So really, I’m just dedicating this post to anyone who knows or loves somebody who’s putting their lives in service of this country. Yesterday afternoon when I was going through some old clothes from previous years I came across a pair of olive pants that I used to wear during my freshman year at Germanna. ...
  5. mglitzos

    Charlie Sheen: The New Chuck Norris

    So after going back and forth with one of my coworkers, we decided to make Charlie Sheen the subject of our ridicule just to pass the time. We made Charlie Sheen jokes. Chuck Norris Jokes: Chuck Norris brushes his teeth with barbed wire Chuck Norris could win a staring contest with the sun Charlie Sheen ...
  6. mglitzos

    Screwing With Your Childhood Memories

    So this is our take on a Toy Story Fanfic: Andy was bored one afternoon before he went to college and he wanted to know what it was like before he got there. He called up his friend who works at this classy establishment called “Buttfuckers” which is a male entertainers’ club. His friend sent ...
  7. mglitzos

    Regroup and Retreat

    The semester’s reaching its close and it feels like the university staff isn’t trying to teach what they’re trying to teach, but rather ram it down our throats and it’s really stressfull. I’ve fallen behind on a lot of thing and I haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted to with the ...
  8. mglitzos

    Try Out Some New Sites! They’re Delicious

    I log into the site-admin this morning and see a flood of updates. This is pretty awesome! It’s like I step away for a couple of weeks and see a ton of comments. I love it! Keep it up guys! The real reason I’m posting today is to notify you that I have some site ...
  9. mglitzos

    Ready… And… Action!

    I put some effort into my vlog today and realized that it isn’t as easy as the famous youtubers make it seem. I’ll continue to work ok out as the week goes on, but I’m definitely going to put more work into it. What I learned: Filming yourself can feel awkward You look weird / ...
  10. mglitzos

    Obama Promises to Represent

    I just got in on the latest news story. Obama promises to put on for DC and represent the DMV to the rest of the world. He’s been thuggin around alot with his ni***’s from Morning Side and says that weed is now legal and he’ll “bust a cap” on anyone who “be hatin’ on ...
  11. mglitzos

    Du Pont Circle: A Right Of Passage

    Something interesting came up at work a couple of weeks ago when I was talking to my boss and coworker. Apparently 3 out of 4 of us (including me) each have a Du Pont story. After hearing about this revelation, we decided it should be a right of passage/initiation to drag all future employees to ...
  12. mglitzos

    Android Concerns

    I know this is not really relevant to class or anything else like that, but I’ve had a number of customers at work and friends come up to me and ask me “why is my phone so slow”. I could go into a detailed explanation about how the apps always have to get processed through ...
  13. mglitzos

    Android Concerns

    I know this is not really relevant to class or anything else like that, but I’ve had a number of customers at work and friends come up to me and ask me “why is my phone so slow”. I could go into a detailed explanation about how the apps always have to get processed through ...
  14. mglitzos

    Radio Weekend

    This weekend was pretty awesome! Saturday was a jam packed day of well, for lack of a better adjective, AWESOMENESS! I tuned into DS106 radio and got to hear an explosion of creativity and imagination. My two favorite sections were the zombie radio, not the one done by my group theSyndicate (even though we are ...
  15. mglitzos

    I Can’t Believe The Audacity!

    I’ve been having some trouble with Audacity. Whenever my audio files get too long in length, it always freezes up and doesn’t let me continue playback. Playback is really important because it lets me do necessary tweaks to the audio files I’m working with so they don’t sound all chopped up and screwed. It’s so ...
  16. mglitzos

    Talk About A Hostile Takeover

    Seems like zombies can be pretty rough with their media propaganda. If they don’t like what they hear, they do a hostile takeover. Humans make their last stand outside of a radio station and get torn to shreds by the zombie horde in this segment ...
  17. mglitzos

    They’re Dead, But They Never Looked So Alive!

    I decided to have some fun with this radio show assignment and think of something out of the box it’s also a good theme for a Halloween party now that I think about it. Pretty much, after the zombies have taken over the radio station and flooded the air waves with their undead nonsense, they ...
  18. mglitzos

    Zombies Did Die Tonight

    We had our 5 minute radio segment played on DS106 radio. I don’t think it went over that well. Our music segment went too long. It took away from the experience. Our sound effects segment did go over well, but we’re far from done. I would like to go over the existing work, but I ...
  19. mglitzos

    Careful: Symptons May Cause Death

    Here’s a little teaser for you guys so you can see what’s in store for Saturday’s radio show! That’s right people! Some of my work is going to be on DS106 radio on Saturday at 3:30pm muthafucka! (like the asian guy from hangover! Say it with me!). Anyway have fun with this little snippet. Zombie ...
  20. mglitzos

    Spring Break Wrap Up

    So spring break was pretty interesting. I owe an audio assignment (because I was supposed to do that instead of the second week of dailyshoot assignments). Thing is, I finally have something interesting to talk about. I’m probably going to leave an audio clip of me talking about my trip to NOVA on Saturday because ...
  21. mglitzos

    Video Blog Update

    So my video blog has been put on hold. I’ve been meaning to upload some footage from the SHH summit I went to back in mid-Feb, but I had to wait for Shin to release the promo vid that was on display on the summit. I have most of the footage that I want to ...
  22. mglitzos

    Minor site changes

    I thought that having Google scribe (the auto-complete thingy that pops up in the text boxes) would have been a good thing, but lately, it’s been proving to me more of a nussiance. I took it off for both yours and my convenience.
  23. mglitzos

    theSyndicate Radio Woes

    So a couple of weeks ago I was in this group in class and our instructor assigned us an audio assignment. The goal was to make a half-hour long radio show which doesn’t seem too hard to do on paper, but the last time we had class, 5 minutes alone proved to be quite the ...
  24. mglitzos

    Spring Break 2011 Status Blitz

    I’ve been working tirelessly over the past few days to be all caught up by the time school resumes. I do have to say, I do enjoy the more lax pace in my work, but I’m starting to get tired of the isolation that I’ve put myself through to accomplish such goals. This might come ...
  25. mglitzos

    Getting My Act Together

    I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I wanted to on updating and maintaining this blog. Lately, assignments just seem to have been raining down. While I haven’t been getting any midterms like most people this semester, I’ve been involved in 2 large projects: a presentation informing the audience about possible employment ...
  26. mglitzos

    Maybe You Should Hang Up Your Mic Talkshow Host…

    I read through a couple of pages of this book called RADIO: an Illustrated Guide. Honestly, I was pretty turned off by this reading. The panels were too cluttered with speech bubbles. There was no clear transition from panel to panel. I felt the artist was being too artsy and it felt like the graphic ...
  27. mglitzos

    Morality of Social Interaction

    Listening to this American Listening assignment felt like listening to one of the old fashioned radio shows from the 1930′s. The stories were just audio clips with supporting audio documentary. The First story in this session kid politics told the story of a class democracy in a Chinese Classroom. The first section of Kid politics ...
  28. mglitzos

    Yet Another Site Update

    Okay everybody. I put up a new theme because personally, I was getting tired of the old one. I’ve always been a fan of the clean, but simple look and this seemed to fit that category just well. You can also get to all my other social connections a lot easier with this wordpress theme. ...

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