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Radio Weekend

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This weekend was pretty awesome! Saturday was a jam packed day of well, for lack of a better adjective, AWESOMENESS! I tuned into DS106 radio and got to hear an explosion of creativity and imagination.

My two favorite sections were the zombie radio, not the one done by my group theSyndicate (even though we are cool, fun, and sexy), but it was a nice counter point and it was very immersive.

My other favorite was the vault radio of commercials. Granted, I hate commercials on radio (which is why I generally listen to internet radio nowadays), but these were hillarious. I nearly fell out of my chair.

Id also like to give credit to the roadtrip radio group. Life just isn’t fun without a good roadtrip btw.

As a side note, I’m getting some progress on my Youtube channel, but I’ve also had a blitz of recent assignments as well.

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