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Final Project: Chapter Six

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Charlotte woke up in a sweat- she hadn’t dreamed the entire time they were in Cyprus, but last night the nightmare came back. Something was different this time though, after opening five or six doors- one of them actually led somewhere. She was lead into a room with warm light and pictures of Cooper all over the wall. In the center there was a table with two wedding rings on it, as Charlotte went to pick them up she woke up. She had learned to push the thought of him out of her mind up until last night, and the dream came as a huge shock to her system.

It was still raining outside, but the cool breeze felt refreshing on her face. The girls decided to go grab some breakfast at the nearest café- the servers there had grown to known them by name over the weekend and it felt like home almost. Charlotte loved how everything was so colorful on the island, it reminded her of being back home.

The rain was finally dying down and as they walked by the market a familiar face greeted her- Firehouse Man, whose name it was learned was Xever.
“You never answered my texts last night. How are you?” he asked.
“Oh.. I don’t think I got them,” she lied. “I’m great. The island is absolutely beautiful!”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay. Would you like to go on a personal tour of all my favorite places?”
“Of course she would!” Julia interrupted.
She didn’t even have a chance to think about it before they were on their way.

“Do you mind if we stop by my place quick so I can change my shoes?” Xever asked with a smile on his face.
“That’d be fine.”
As they walked down the sidewalk towards Xever’s apartment, tons of thoughts kept running through her mind. She tried to think of small talk to start up a conversation, but instead she stared out into the water and avoided eye contact as much as possible.
“You’re a very shy person, aren’t you?” he laughed.
“What?… Oh… yeah, I guess I am.”

Finally they reached his apartment and she waited outside in the garden while he headed up to grab his tennis shoes. She couldn’t help but think about running off before he got back downstairs, but she knew that with her luck she’d run into him again before they left the next day and that would just be too awkward to bear. Almost as if he knew she was contemplating leaving, Xever was back downstairs faster than she would have believed possible.
“Hope you’re ready to pedal!” he said as he pointed to a red tandem bike in the corner of the garden.
“That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking, but sure- why not?” she said nervously. Charlotte had never been the most coordinated person, but that’s why she was here after all- to try new things and break out of her shell.

After a long ride around the island while Xever pointed out all the most beautiful sights on the island and where the best food is, they arrived back at his apartment. Just when Charlotte thought she was free to go hide by herself in the hotel, Xever popped another surprise on her and grabbed her hand leading her downtown. “There’s a great bar downtown that always have the best music! You just have to come dance with me!” he said as he swept her into the beautiful night.

Charlotte started to wish she’d stayed home and stared out the window at the weather instead of going out with the girls that morning.

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