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The end!

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I just wanted to post a little something reflecting on this semester! I was going through all of my posts that I have done for this class and I realized I am really glad I took this class because we did some pretty cool stuff! From the visual and design assignments to the radio show and finally to the fandom and finishing up the final project. I enjoyed working on my final project a lot because I got to go through photographs of the weddings I have been to and present them in a creative way. I hope you all enjoyed learning about Pakistani culture! I started off with the different days of a Pakistani wedding and created a Photostory for each of the three days. I also shared the different fashion for men and women, the popular jewelry worn there, and also to the food eaten in Pakistan! I had fun doing it because after learning how to use all these different programs in this class, I was able to put them into use for this project…and this time I knew how to work them! With all that said, semester has come to an end, but I am sure I will be using the different things I learned in this class for projects I do in the future!

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