There’s Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye.

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Well kids, the time has come for me to say goodbye to DS106. I’m really going to miss this class- it was definitely one of the funnest class I’ve ever taken. A final recap of the semester:

Awesome Work:
Everyone has put out some awesome work over the semester, here are some of my favorites.

Lost in Minecraft by Patrick and Jacob.
These guys went above and beyond with their final project. It was so creative and entertaining. The fact that they managed to build and do all that over the course of a semester is mindblowing.

Jaws IV: Death Fish by George.
This was definitely my favorite mashup. The subject is funny and the editing is phenomenal. I love the music and the overall effect of the “trailer.” It makes me want to go buy a Mac.

Goodwill Hauls by Molly.
Molly takes haul videos to a whole new level and I love it! Her comments are really funny and those finds are fabulous!

Museum Mashup by Robert.
Plain and simple- his PhotoShop skills kick ass. I like these better than the originals.

Familiar But Far by Clifton.
This dude rocks with audio- you should definitely give his completely original song a listen!

Black Swan Minimalist Poster by Stacy.
Stacy’s poster turned out amazing, and the fact that she did it completely in Paint with a mouse makes it even that more impressive.

Stop Motion by Matt and Chris.
This is one of my favorite videos made throughout the semester. It’s crazy to think of how many pictures these guys took in order to make this whole video.

My Final Project:

For my final project, I choose to take the Daily Shoot assignments and create a narrative out of them. Originally, I was going to take the photos and write the story but taking the pictures was a pain between work and school- so I decided to use the first Creative Commons picture posted on Flickr. I really thought this project would be fun and pretty straight forward- just creating a story, but I was wrong. It was really hard to create a story with picture that I had absolutely no input into. Even for the 5 Card Flickr story we did, I had some input because I got to choose out of each set of pictures. I ended up putting a lot more into my story writing than I thought I would too- I did lots of research for appropriate locations, names, etc. to make my story flow better. I originally planned on doing 10 chapters in the story, but they were a lot harder to write than I thought. I am planning on finishing them and bringing Charlotte’s story to a close, but there’s no way I can have them done before the end of class tonight.

What I’m Proud Of:

I think the project I’m most proud of is my Edward Scissorhands/Boondock Saints mashup. It was a lot of hard work, but I think it turned out really well. I also really like my Domino gif that I made the first week of class. That was a pain in the ass because I ended up having to use screenshots, but I love it.

Final Thoughts:

I think that taking this class will be really beneficial in the long run. I’ve learned of a ton of new tools to use and I feel that I’m much more computer literate than I began. I’m planning on keeping my blog around but I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it. I guess for now, this is goodbye.

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