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Making of a Modern Gif

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Reading the pre-course list of things to do on ds106 this afternoon, I was intrigued by the last item on the list:

Finally, create an animated GIF featuring a scene from one of your favorite films. Here is a tutorial for creating animated GIFs with free tools.

I have been wondering for a very long time how to create a gif, and with the assistance of the tutorial, I finally was able to produce one. I don’t go into a lot of detail about the process, but the gif and a brief explanation are posted at the blog I created specifically for the upcoming summer digital storytelling experience.

Thought I’ve seen gifs on blogs a lot recently, I’ll admit I haven’t really paid attention to or thought about how they’re used elsewhere, particularly in advertising. I think it’ll be interesting to see how gifs are used in the future, especially in marketing. I think it’s amazing what this photographer has done with her images. I’m not sure if it fits in the category of a gif since only one portion of the image is moving, but whatever it is it is impressive.

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