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Bible Talk

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The separation between church and state has long been debated in the United States, and Godless America definitely encapsulates what is a great divide in our national perspective and politics.

I am have never been one to invest myself in religion or politics. ¬†I remain neutral in both areas not because I don’t like disagreement, but I am usually not knowledgable enough to have a solid standpoint on either. ¬†I also am not one for overriding organizations that guide and influence your decisions, which secular labels among both tend to do.

With that disclaimer–there is something I am very invested in–and that is education and tolerance. I do think¬†some of the fundamentalists featured in this episode are outrageous in some of their proposals–though I think its fair that their opinion be heard because that is what the founding of the country is. ¬†They are entitled to arguing for their beliefs…even if some, like myself, think they are wrong. ¬†The segment between the teacher in ¬†Georgia and her administration exemplifies two issues within our nation that extend beyond whether church and state should be intertwined..

1) The biases guiding curricula and  any policy making

2) How the purpose of Education should be to expose students to a variety of viewpoints so that they are equipped to explore and form decisions on their own

So when Glass asks,¬†”What would happen if we were a more biblically based nation?” I have to argue for the separation of Church and State…not because I am an undevout Christian or fierce liberal…but because I think it would only perpetuate biases, and limit the potential classrooms hold for empowering the next generation to think for themselves.

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