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Forcing God into America

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This week’s segment of This American Life, ‘Godless America’ is a visit towards the push to force a particular form of religion into the secular state. Although this episode was aired six years ago, the motivations of the players continues to this day. Somehow, the segment of the population that ‘represents’ this form of Evangelical Protestantism seeks to ‘protect’ themselves from the ‘attack’ on their beliefs from others. Note the quotes, this should tell you what I think of their efforts.

It is people like David Barton and Representative DeLay who make me teeth ache when they go on about the assault on their beliefs, which they put up to be the religion of the ‘Super-Majority.’ The ‘oppression’ of their flock is something that I find ridiculous, considering their dominant position in America today. The Constitution was not created to establish a religious state, where the faith is forced upon non-believers. Despite what they say on the surface, these people really believe that they are right, while everyone else who disagrees with them is wrong and bound for Hell. These people claim to believe every word in the Bible, just don’t remind them about the specifics.

I can appreciate the opinion of the contributor Julia Sweeney towards religion. If you consider the pitch of the most evangelical of the faith’s, they come of as rather ridiculous. The best way to accept the ‘Word of God’ found through the Bible is to not read too closely into what is actually in the book. Why are the stories in the Old Testament so horrendous to read, these stories aren’t meant to be read literally, but through the ‘Eyes of Faith.’ Who is this angry Jesus? How long does it take to reconcile this Godless idea with our established beliefs? This is what makes religion so personal.

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