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I enjoyed hearing the historian talk about what separation of church and state really means and the history behind it.  I think the founding fathers were in favor of a Christian nation but, they knew that there shouldn’t be a religious test for politicians.  If anyone looks throughout history you can see how institutions usually start out with good intentions then somewhere along the line pride comes in and those good intentions become twisted.

I particularly don’t like it when people refer to Christianity as a religion, or a religious people.  Christianity is not a religion, we don’t practice it.  It’s a faith, but even more than that it’s a relationship.

I think the lady in the last act had good questions but, I don’t think those questions were handled well.  I think something that a lot of Christians can do better is to be more open to these kinds of questions and different views.  But, people are afraid of not having the right answer or an answer at all and so they often become defensive which isn’t good.  If anyone has questions about Christianity, or if your just curious I recommend checking out the Alpha course.



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