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Introduction to ds106 Dr. Oblivion

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After reviewing the video introducing my ds106 course I have come to the realization that most of the technologies that are covered in ds106 are essentially media based. ¬†However there is nothing leading edge about having a facebook, twitter, flickr, or youtube account. ¬†It almost seems as though this should be more of a literature class instead of a cs106 course like at UMW. ¬†I don’t believe that it takes a CS major to figure out how to create a web domain or create accounts with these services. ¬†Godaddy and Bluehost called me to even ensure that it all was running as planned. ¬†There are wavering signs of frustration but I will stick to the course for now. ¬†Guess I can’t judge a book by it’s cover or¬†at least¬†that is what has been told to me.

An interesting topics for all of the web fanatics to look into:
I just took a course on Linked Data (CPSC 470) with David Hyland-Wood.  Incredible stuff!  RDF is allowing us to move towards Web 3.0 (the semantic web (the web with meaning)) and start to enhance Web 2.0 (the realm of flickr, facebook, and many more).

Joe Fehrman

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