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  1. Joe Fehrman

    Double or nothing!

    Jim asked us to do a 5 minute video response. I decided to double it and give a 10 min video response of the entire course! And I did it without a webcam! Come check out how I did it. I used audacity to record and a free trial version of camtasia to record my ...
  2. Joe Fehrman

    Ha ha por Kim

    Kim really seems like this is her first day as a cop. She touched the hat that wasn’t in the bag. She also didn’t call computer forensic analyst to look at the data on the hard drive and what is a crime research facility or zone? It seems as though we may need to call ...
  3. Joe Fehrman

    Best of DS106

    This assignment allowed me to compile some of my favorite assignments into a 2 min video. It basically highlights the entire course hitting subjects from each area. I think that most will enjoy watching the video and looking at the compilation of my favorite works. I created this video by saving open office slides as ...
  4. Joe Fehrman

    The Downfall of the Mushroom Kingdom

    I was inspired by Shannotate’s work. I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that Mario looks like Hitler a bit. Enjoy this video I think it is going to make some gamers laugh. I spent an incredible amount of time finding the script I wanted. I have redone the video about 5 ...
  5. Joe Fehrman

    Web Story Assignment

    This is my web story assignment.  I decided to create the link to the actual website here.Click I did the web project on advertising DS106 radio up for sale. This is a play on the idea that the week before class Martha had to chase Jim down and he had the idea of offering ds106 ...
  6. Joe Fehrman

    #DS106 Explanation

    Jim, Tim, and all, I had a pretty rough day yesterday and I apologize about freaking out yesterday.  While at times I do get frustrated with this course I generally think that it has value to some.  I apologize for the rant I have just had a stressful couple of weeks.  My frustration should have actually been ...
  7. Joe Fehrman

    Extraordinarily Controversial

    All, While recently there have been tons of people who just disagree with my ideas and think that I am being overly critical of things. ¬†To these individuals I would like to say tough cookies. ¬†I actually don’t care. ¬†I have an opinion and I am very confrontational. ¬†I listen and hear the points that ...
  8. Joe Fehrman

    DS106 Martha?

    Why are we getting a new teacher every other week? ¬†I’m just a little bored with the whole thing. ¬†Yea and you stole amazon’s logo and used it in a site that wasn’t¬†theirs. ¬†You may want to be cautious. ¬†And website creation is not rocket science. ¬†Chrome has a built in firebug like program that ...
  9. Joe Fehrman


    DS106ers, Reminder to keep in the fight. ¬†We have two weeks left of this session of ds106. ¬†While ds106 is for life and it is encouraged to participate in the future please don’t get burnt out from participating now while you still are getting credit. ¬†Please continue the fight for King Jim Groom. ¬†Keep on ...
  10. Joe Fehrman

    King Groom

    All, I have spoken with our leader Jim Groom. ¬†He has informed me that those who follow the path and don’t falter shall be rewarded. ¬†Do not falter into DS107. ¬†When “Dr. Oblivion” left us who took up the mantle to lead us through DS106. ¬†Jim Groom. ¬†He supported the class. ¬†He supported all of ...
  11. Joe Fehrman

    DS106 Video 070611 King Groom

    All, John Oblivion. ¬†It kind of looks like you are about to attack the camera. ¬†I am fearful to keep watching because it feels like you are about to destroy the video. ¬†Ha ha yea his sweater is a problem. ¬†Bianca can’t teach. ¬†And John you’ve betrayed me. ¬†This will be the last time. ¬†Jim ...
  12. Joe Fehrman


    All, Followers of the Apocalypse. ¬†I really like the way that you use the DS106 radio. ¬†Growing your own food should not help with the radiation. ¬†I’m not sure how long you have been eating homegrown vegetation from radioactive soil. ¬†The fight for higher education is important. ¬†The UK has a strong private school system ...
  13. Joe Fehrman

    DS106 Radio

    All, Unfortunately¬†I am not much of a musician or a speaking person. ¬†For those of you who read my blogs can probably tell that I can’t write that well either. ¬†I’m one of those socially crippled individuals who walk around¬†awkwardly¬†interacting and I’m barely able to tie my own shoes. ¬†Maybe not that severe but you ...
  14. Joe Fehrman

    Great open source game

    All, In relation to the open source tools and resources we have been using recently I thought I would share an opensource game that I have played that is free to play and runs well on almost any type of computer. is the site. The game name is Urban Terror it is a great ...
  15. Joe Fehrman


    All, Audacity is a very simple to learn program. Installation was a bit difficult. The website Audacity was hosted on was down at the time so I used a torrent site to download. I didn’t use any tutorials to learn how to use audacity I just begun by importing sounds and started playing with them. ...
  16. Joe Fehrman

    Story through sounds

    by This is a inspired by the banjo in the night story. I felt like the banjo could have been someone playing in the swamp just before a zombie attack in left 4 dead 2. This made me want to do one of my favorite genres. Zombie apocalypse! Zombie fans should enjoy the vivid imagery. ...
  17. Joe Fehrman

    Interview with songs

    I interviewed myself running from the zombie hordes.  This is a continuation from the original story through sounds story.  It seemed like a good idea.  Thought it would be a great way to get the audio section done by giving it a theme.  Enjoy!  The songs in the track are Akon Lonely, Bon Jovi Wanted ...
  18. Joe Fehrman

    Radio Bumper

    by Created a radio bumper to go along with my zombie themed audio section.  It is a nice way to advertise the radio station in an interesting way that speaks to my generation.  I think it is short simple and advertises the radio station in a positive way that will engage people.  I like any ...
  19. Joe Fehrman

    Possible SQL injection attack

    All, My website possibly had an SQL injection attack.  Ironically this is right after I posted bad things about Bianca Oblivion.  More proof she is evil.  Called bluehost and a comment dropped all of my tables.  Just saying very ironic.  Be weary ...
  20. Joe Fehrman

    Joe Finisher 2011-07-01 02:13:03

    All, Bianca is absolutely crazy. ¬†Clearly she thinks that she has more power over the class then we actually have¬†allotted¬†her. ¬†She clearly is an individual who has stolen Dr. Oblivion’s stuff after murdering him. ¬†Did nobody else notice she had his glasses on as well as his coat. ¬†Some have theorized that Dr. Oblivion may ...
  21. Joe Fehrman

    Creativity, Pop Culture, Copyright

    All, Well I was a little confused honestly. ¬†Why was Stella Meme dressed as a ninja? ¬†Also why are we still talking to Bianca Oblivion. ¬†She talks incredibly slow. ¬†I don’t have 40 minutes to wait for you to say one sentence. ¬†Jim Groom is the professor now. ¬†Forget the Oblivions. ¬†I a much bigger ...
  22. Joe Fehrman

    Kind of Screwed

    I think that it is an outrage that someone would come after an artist for pixel art.  The artist clearly put in work to make it their own.  Why could something like this happen?  The original artist just go greedy.  This is so foolish.
  23. Joe Fehrman

    Everything is a remix response

    I agree with this completely. ¬†Nobody comes up with an original idea. ¬†Everybody says wouldn’t it be cool if this product could do this. ¬†Then they make one that does everything they want it to do building on the old. ¬†This is how progress is...
  24. Joe Fehrman

    Dr. Oblivion

    All, Below is a link to Dr. Oblivion being a creep. ¬†Just in case somebody hasn’t seen it yet. Regards, Joe Fehrman
  25. Joe Fehrman

    Return to the Scene of the Crime

    A picture of my room from my desk where I work. ¬†This is from 5 years ago. ¬†My entire room arrangement has changed except for this one area in my room. ¬†I don’t think it is¬†significant¬†but it was really¬†weird¬†to look through old photos and find myself sitting in the exact same place as a picture ...
  26. Joe Fehrman

    Find Yourself Joe Fehrman

    This is my real name for all of those who haven’t read a single post of mine yet. ¬†I encourage you to read more. ¬†These letters were pictures taken from 6 or 7 different things in my room. ¬†This assignment was created by another good Computer Science student Chris Randles. ¬†Chris has worked with me ...
  27. Joe Fehrman

    DS106 Minecraft missing sign

    In addition to the assignment for a missing poster I put up a message in Minecraft.  It says No DS106? Dr o Gone.  Thought it was useful.  Go Minecraft.  Please change to make it more fitting if you want. Regards, Joe Fehrman

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