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Joe Finisher 2011-07-01 02:13:03

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Bianca is absolutely crazy. ¬†Clearly she thinks that she has more power over the class then we actually have¬†allotted¬†her. ¬†She clearly is an individual who has stolen Dr. Oblivion’s stuff after murdering him. ¬†Did nobody else notice she had his glasses on as well as his coat. ¬†Some have theorized that Dr. Oblivion may have been taken by Jim Groom. ¬†I don’t really believe that Jim has taken Dr. Oblivion. ¬†What will rip Bianca Oblivion to shreds is knowing that we are killing her voice in the internet off by paying her no mind. ¬†If Bianca¬†truly¬†lives through her fathers work then this will be a strike clear to her soul. ¬†If she only exist online then we can destroy her by destroying her online presence. ¬†Pay her no more mind and she will eventually fade into the darkness of Oblivion. ¬†Either way John seems nice. ¬†Although I may have freaked him out by saying she killed him. ¬†I think he is dead. ¬†But she wasn’t treating him to badly because he had headphones in the second sighting. ¬†Guess that she was allowing him to listen to some music. ¬†DS106 summer of Oblivion. ¬†I say we change that to DS106 Revenge of the Class. ¬†Everyone should not loose direction due to the lack of a leader. ¬†Instead create one. ¬†Fight on¬†comrades. ¬†Fight against B. Oblivion. ¬†Burn an pillage. ¬†Continue to work hard and follow the leader Jim Groom. ¬†While he claims to not be prepared we all know that he is. ¬†Let me know who agrees. ¬†Please comment
Joe Fehrman

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