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DS106 Video 070611 King Groom

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John Oblivion.  It kind of looks like you are about to attack the camera.  I am fearful to keep watching because it feels like you are about to destroy the video.  Ha ha yea his sweater is a problem.  Bianca can’t teach.  And John you’ve betrayed me.  This will be the last time.  Jim Groom is the teacher now.  Ha ha Jim Groom is the new king of DS106.  The Oblivions have been gone to me for some time except John.  And now he is gone to me too.  Although it is not just his kin that are insane.  Why would you stay locked away from people for 27 years?  Wherever Dr O. is I hope that he is away from the computer and interacting with people.  Maybe even he has a cold drink in his hand and is relaxing on the beach.


Joe Fehrman

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