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Help Yourself

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Recently I have been dealing with individuals that don’t want to help themselves. ¬†They claim to be working hard and trying to achieve their goals while the reality is that many of them haven’t really lifted a finger. ¬†People want easy today. ¬†They want things to fall into their lap. ¬†All of us want an easy button at times. ¬†I wish their was an easy button for ds106 actually, however there is not and we must all¬†persevere. ¬†Many times I have been quoted saying “Sh**’ll buff out.” ¬†Although the only reason it buffs out is because you have to maintain constant effort. ¬†Not only constant effort but give it all you have. ¬†No one can wave a wand magically make things happen for you. ¬†So to all of you who spend your nights every weekday out partying and sleeping in until noon, and to all of you people who are playing video games all day long. ¬†Get up. ¬†Do something productive. ¬†Get a job, volunteer your time to a noble cause, or contribute to an open source project. ¬†Don’t fail to do the things you still love to do. ¬†Play video games if that is what you love to do. ¬†But not all day. ¬†Have fun with friends but don’t allow it to run over your life. ¬†Those things are fun and easy. ¬†The hard things… the things that are worth it… they take an effort. ¬†And in a time where college graduates are flipping burgers I’m not sure how you wouldn’t try to help yourself. ¬†I am not a straight A student. ¬†I started my first¬†semester¬†of college with a GPA of about 1.4. ¬†I am up to a 2.7 cumulative and over a 3.0 in my major. ¬†While this is not great it is a huge turn around. ¬†I thought things would just happen when I came to college. ¬†One thing UMW has taught me is to bite, kick, scratch, claw, and punch your way through life not just wait for things to happen. ¬†Not only do I go to school, but I work 40 hours a week in a mentally demanding job. ¬†This is how I feel right now. ¬†Just a thought. ¬†Something I am passionate about right now due to personal events. ¬†Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or if you think I am wrong. ¬†I love confrontation :) . ¬†Thanks for reading!

Joe Fehrman

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