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Yesterday, we were told we needed to add a few plug-ins to our site. I followed all the directions that Dr. Oblivion gave us, and even tried out a few things. I put as many of the plug-ins onto my widgets and then tried putting them on my page. As much help as Dr. Oblivion was, I don’t see many of my plug-ins appearing in the widgets section. Maybe I’m just blind, I don’t know. I put as many as I could find onto my page so hopefully that is enough. I got Google Analytics, Twitter Tools, Subscribe to Comments, Akismet, and attempted to add a Flickr plug in. I managed to get most of those on my site, except the Flickr plug in doesn’t come up in my widgets. I installed a couple of them and they are both doing the same thing. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, I’m just not sure what. Regardless, I now have a bunch of useful plug ins added to my site. I’m a fan of Google Analyitics a lot.. it’s creepy in an awesome way. :)

Oh I also added a YouTube video in one of my posts. It was pretty sweet…. I just love cats so much, I-I just want to put them in baskets with little bow ties *sob* :)

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