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Visual Assignment II — The Most Important One!!!

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I have attempted to contact the good doctor on the ds106 minecraft server, but to no avail.  My attempts to detect any human-controlled mobs failed due to server settings, and I had to battle a spider in hand to hand combat.  My journey will now take me south of Giruvegan, far more to the south than any Hume has ever dared to venture.  The Jagd is said to be so thick with mist, that any even the slightest bit sensitive to it will be driven to madness.  I can only hope 680 years of training have given me the level of control I need to hold myself together.

Now, before I go, I give a warning.  If the good doctor has indeed been abducted or harmed in any way, know this, evil-doers:  I will find you, I will hunt you down to the ends of existence, and I will force you to listen to “Rufus’ Welcoming Ceremony” for as long as it pleases us in the ds106 clan.  You will become a martyr to all those who would disrupt the power of the ds106 side of the Force……andthenyouwilldie.

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