1. Joe Proffitt

    Final Post, Final Video


    – Begin Transmission –

    It’s been a blast, ds106ers.  Unfortunately, my position has been discovered by my enemies, and though I am not alone, I lack the power to destroy them at this time.  To make this quick, I’ll give the link to my last video posting.  Afterwards, I’m leavingmy …

  2. Joe Proffitt

    Video Assignment II — Video Essay


    – Begin Transmission –

    For this assignment, I took clips from Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, and Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22:  You Can (Not) Advance, added my own comments concerning the moments I used, and gave my own thoughts.  I’ll leave the details to the video commentary.  …

  3. Joe Proffitt

    Video Assignment I — Screen Capture


    I still need to check and see if this made it into the suggestion box.  I made a quick 2.5 minute video of my playing Doom Multiplayer via ZDaemon.  I used Fraps to make the 30 second recordings (30 seconds because the full version costs $37), and I used Windows …

  4. Joe Proffitt

    Web Assignment


    This one was a lot of headache, heart ache, and rage. Lots and lots of rage.  Cure “M0re” tag…

    I went back twice and copied and pasted the code for the images into the proper place, and had to redo the html file at least five times.  I’m sticking with …

  5. Joe Proffitt

    Web Assignment Challenges I


    – Begin Transmission –

    There’s difficulty with adding entire sections of code into FireBug.  I’ve tried editing the htm file with NotePad++.  That didn’t go over so well…The code was a disaster zone, so forget adding the tag section there.

    Anyway, I followed my current adventure in Final Fantasy IV …

  6. Joe Proffitt



    – Begin Transmission –

    It would seem that being ill, coupled with working myself to near-exhaustion in the heat, has caused me to randomly go off on people.  Nevertheless, I regret nothing, for the past is meant to be learned from, not lamented.  I have severed and cast away parts …

  7. Joe Proffitt

    Perseverance Through Illness


    – Begin Transmisson –

    I’m sick with sinus issues caused by my fan blowing in my face all night, but I must continue.  This web assignment can easily be completed with vim.  But before that, I must spend four hours mowing the lawn.

    – End Transmission –…

  8. Joe Proffitt

    The ds106 Schism


    – Begin Transmission –

    So, it seems that there is a great deal if discord among ds106-ers.  It also seems that there has been some sort of split, initiated by the banning of a handful of students by Jim Groom.  Apparently, my delving in Final Fantasy 4 DS has made …

  9. Joe Proffitt

    ds106tv 7-6-11 “The Uprising” — Comments


    – Begin Transmission –

    Well, Ms. Oblivion…There was no link to this BB site.  That’s why we didn’t take the test.  Cure “More” tag…

    Speaking of which, what happened to Ms. Oblivion?  One moment, she was there working on her audio, the next, she was gone.

    And then the loss …

  10. Joe Proffitt

    7-5-11 ds106tv Comments


    – Begin Transmission –

    Wow, it seems that this “Followers of the Apocalypse” guy is working for the Combine or something.  I could hardly understand what he said, other than “Uhhhhh” every other word.  Cure “More” tag…– The idea of “gutting the education system” being an apocalypse is interesting.  As …

  11. Joe Proffitt

    Avatar change


    So, to embrace fasination with Star Wars, I’ll be changing all my avatars to a hologram of Darth Sidious.

    “I will MAKE it legal” = the best line EVER!…

  12. Joe Proffitt

    Audio I — Sound Effects Story


    – Begin transmission –

    While I try to find out if I can use the music I’ve downloaded from Amazon and ripped from CDs I’ve purchased in the second mandatory assignment, I’ve decided to make my sound effect story include various portions of a drive to work.  Cue “More” tag……

  13. Joe Proffitt

    Design IV — Minimalist Movie Poster


    I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I’ve been meaning to get together with a few friends and watch it.  I was also nervous about doing this particular assignment because I’m not really a minimalist, I just try to be one.  I tried to mimic the color of the sky …

  14. Joe Proffitt

    ds106tv 6-30-11


    – Begin Transmission –

    Just when I thought this class couldn’t get any weirder, I watch Ms. Oblivion getting ready for her brief appearance on ds106tv.  I really think she’s high or something when she gets on, based on her speech patterns and that perpetual stare of hers.  And who …

  15. Joe Proffitt

    Design III — Movie Fortunes


    I decided to make these fortunes challenging.  If you know your anime, sci-fi shows, and fantasy novels, then you’ll get them all.  I will give you all until 06-08-2011 (one week) to figure them out.  Then, I’ll publish the answers.  Good luck

    As a side note, I created these with …

  16. Joe Proffitt

    ds106tv 6-28-11 — Responses


    – I thought Ms. Oblivion lived in physical isolation from people?  Who’s the person in the chair next to her?

    – Jim is THE TA.  He’ll kick your ass if you steal his job XD  But still, I must wonder if he is merely using her as a distraction while …

  17. Joe Proffitt

    Comments on ds106tv 6-29-11


    There is more to Ms. Oblivion than meets the eye.  She obviously has some technical knowledge if she can keep hijacking the stream.  She does not, however, know the power of the *nix Side.  All we need to do is flood ping her machines, and no more hijacking >:)

    I’d …

  18. Joe Proffitt

    Response to the “Kind of Bloop” incident


    This is another fine example of a copyright holder making a martyr out of someone who probably makes substantially less in income than the former.  I haven’t been able to find anything out about their incomes, but I’m assuming that Maisel makes way more per year than Baio, seeing as …

  19. Joe Proffitt

    Comments on the material from the past two days…


    I’m not in a fancy frame of mind, so the long-winded comments will be absent tonight.  But fear not!  Once I catch up on all my work, they will more than likely return.

    Now, the following comments are pointing to certain parts of the different items we were to watch/listen …

  20. Joe Proffitt

    Design Assignment I — The Big Caption


    I couldn’t help myself.  Since you can’t see the cards the man in the car is holding, I went ahead and delved into my middle-school Pokemon memories of trading cards that, in reality, were worth the paper they were printed on.

  21. Joe Proffitt

    Random Explosion of Angry Quotes


    This is a post fueled by random excitement and caffeine.  Awesome points for those who match each one with the right character.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    You will not forestall my judgement-ah!!!!!

    Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!  You have paid the price for your lack of …

  22. Joe Proffitt

    Visual Assignment III — Four Icon Challenge


    For the four icon challenge, I chose to show commonly known things from the game Half-Life 2, which does, in fact, have an excellent story that spans across the series. 

    The gas mask represents the ever-threatening Combine Overwatch and Civil Protection, the crowbar is the famous weapon Freeman often starts …

  23. Joe Proffitt

    Allegory of the Cave, or Madness from Confinement?


    Having been busy with battling various nasties, I’ve had little time today to look at the video of Dr. Oblivion, apparently isolated in a cave.  Whether it is an undiscovered section of  the Zertinan Caverns, or another cave system yet unexplored, I cannot say.  He is completely cut off from …

  24. Joe Proffitt

    Visual Assignment II — Redux


    At the behest of Jim Groom, I have revamped the poster I created.  Using Old London – Alternate Font, I gave the new poster a medieval feeling, though my original goal was to mimic the Final Fantasy XII mark board postings.  I feel very good about this version

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