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The ds106 Schism

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– Begin Transmission –

So, it seems that there is a great deal if discord among ds106-ers.  It also seems that there has been some sort of split, initiated by the banning of a handful of students by Jim Groom.  Apparently, my delving in Final Fantasy 4 DS has made me oblivious to this.  Cue “More” tag…My thoughts on the Great Schism are as thus:  It is pointless.  Completely, utterly, pointless.  More pointless than theoretical computer science, more pointless than linear algebra, more pointless than an unmarked Cartesian Plane.

Why waste all this productive energy on unnecessary bickering and barking?  We are all students, ds106, ds107, ds-whatever.  I feel that my fellow peers have let their imaginations run amok, have let their emotions sway them to opposing extremes.  If you children want to destroy one another, so be it.  I will make no attempt to mediate, for I have elevated myself to a higher plane of intellectuality.  One where I care only for learning while maintaining order and meeting deadlines.

Anyone like-minded may join me on this plane of intellectuality, free from the drama of lesser minds, but take heed:  This is no group, this is no alliance that I’m forging.  It is safe, neutral ground for those who had their fill of drama in middle school and high school.  There is no backup for you here, there is no support.  All you have is your own willpower — You are entirely on your own if you choose this course of action.

– End Transmission –

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