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Whats Good in the hood? Visual 1

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Life ain’t easy on the streets.  You never know whose got your back and who to trust because everyone’s trying to hustle and get by.  Here is the Metro section of the Washington Post that’s been defaced by some hooligans. 

 I blacked out most of the text with Sharpe before uploading the image.  Then I used Gimp to crop and re-size the image so you can read the text I decided to include, and that picture at the bottom of little minority kids playing soccer in the hood.  Then I just played around with the airbrush tool to simulate graffiti and darken it up a bit, of course including my own tag in the bottom right corner. You can see the image before I edited it in GIMP on my flickr.

Dark and dreary, appropriate in the abscence of Dr. Oblivion.  Here’s a Dr. Dre beat that sets the tone…Deep Cover

p.s. currently looking for an easy to use plugin that can show my mp3′s as a cool interactive player within my post’s.  To be honest I cant figure out how to use the ones I have.

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