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Help! I’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory!

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Welp.  Here’s my submission for the Movie Fortunes assignment.

I know, this isn’t from a movie.  But, it is my dad’s favorite joke – every time he opens up a fortune cookie instead of reading his fortune he says “‘Help…. I’m trapped in a… fortune cookie factory?’  We’ve gotta help this guy!”

So, this one is for my dad, who has been great about getting me drugs for my wisdom tooth recovery the past few days.


Thanks to stock.xchange user plattmunk for the original image.

Evaluation: This was super easy. The image only has three layers – the base image, the text over that, and then a layer of cookie so that it looks like the fortune gets cut off.  Looking back on it, I could have improved this image by using the dodge tool to bring out highlights on the text where the paper looks brighter, but now I know, huh?



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