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The Big Not-So-Much Hip Hop

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For my first design assignment, I decided to try The Big Hip Hop. However, my assignment is not so hip hop. I watched Tim Owens tutorial on how to do this assignment and tried to follow it step by step. I don’t listen to a lot of rap music, and when I went through the Billboard Top 100 I couldn’t find any songs that I liked or that had good enough lyrics. So instead, I turned my iTunes on and waited til I heard a good lyric. I heard the perfect lyrics in a song called “Jamie All Over” by a band named Mayday Parade. They may not be Top 100 or even that well known, but when I heard the lyrics I immediately searched for a photo on The Big Picture. I found the perfect one and went from there.

Once I got the lyrics and picture, following Tim Owens tutorial was really easy.I added the text to the photo using Aviary (highly recommend it!) and made it a color you could see and added shadow to it. I used Helvetica because that’s what he said to use, although it might have been able to look better with a different font. I exported the image and saved it to my desktop. Here is the end result:

Las Vegas

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