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Visual #4, Trippy Photobooth

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For my final visual assignment, I decided to create my own task which I call Trippy Photo booth.  I really wanted to use these images of my roommate somehow.  I took them of him after a pretty rough night because he was acting so goofy, eating peanut butter out of the jar with a knife and refusing to go to bed.  Looking at these images, I thought about the old school photo-booths in which you would sit and press a button while making a goofy face.  Then a strip of photographs would come out lined up side by side of each other.  I decided to use this format and tweak out the colors a bit, the blue getting progressively more saturated.  Also I fiddled around with the burn tool, the selection tool, and this fireworks paintbrush tool to simulate burnt edges and coffee spills on the aged strip.  The final product was this…

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