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Comments on the material from the past two days…

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I’m not in a fancy frame of mind, so the long-winded comments will be absent tonight.  But fear not!  Once I catch up on all my work, they will more than likely return.

Now, the following comments are pointing to certain parts of the different items we were to watch/listen to on the 27th.  Here we go (dee da dee da dee-dee doh-doh, dee da dee-dee doh…..)– I applaud my fellow ds106-ers for their creativity in the visual arts.  Unfortunately for me, my skills do not lie in the realm of the visual.  Rather, they rest in the realm of written word.  Indeed, I can churn out one or two chapter fan-fictions when the mood suits me.

– It’s good to see the “Where’s Dr. Oblivion?” posters getting out there in the physical world.  I never thought anyone would actually do that.

– On the conversation between Jim and the so-called “Dr. Oblivion”, and the outcome:  No comment :3

– On the audio presentation by Tim Owens:  The urinal think is probably one of the most random things I’ve ever heard…Good work, Mr. Owens!

Digressing, I find that I’m the most creative after watching a particulalry well-done anime episode or after reading a great fanfiction — Something that really gets my imagination going.

I may have to revamp the Four Icon Challenge with Wingdings font.  I never though of that.  I can scan the character map for it to see if I can get a better lambda or a pair of glasses or something.  That’d be pretty neat to redo.

As for this “Fred” guy…I watched one of his videos, and it’s pretty funny.  I can see why people would seek him out:  Small things amuse small minds.

Oh, and this fear of posting things…It really does come from the current educational system.  Professors, as far as I’ve seen, are relentless in their criticism when it comes to grading a big assignment.  Now, am I afraid of getting a bad grade in this class?  Not really:  I’m doing my best to fulfill the mechanical requirements (tagging, spreading the Daily Shoot and my assignments across various accounts, etc), while trying to focus my remaining attention on making the assignments creative and eye/imagination catching.  If I’m honest, I’m still stuck in the rut of needing a rigid structure for this class  But it’s not there, and it freaks me out.  It’s a flexible, creativity-nurturing and fun class.  These things are exactly NOT what I’m used to with traditional academia, but I’m doing my best with the time I have left in the day.

Jim, please tell me you’re actually sending your kids to school or home-schooling them.  You can’t get anywhere without a college education today.  Gone are the day’s of self-made men and rags-to-riches stories.

– Kirby, your “Everything Is A Remix” is a work of truth.  Nothing is original, everything is made of components that someone else already made, and those components are made of components that yet another person has already made…The cycle goes on and on.

Before I sign off on this post, I’d like to comment on the length of the videos and the recent audio-only segment.  I feel like they’re too long.  An hour and a half is the average time I’ve seen so far, and I simply cannot focus on something like a presentation (which is basically what these are) for so long.  Unfortunately, by the time I get around to doing these assignments after I get home from work, I usually spend a long time trying to absorb the material.  I treat it like it’s the most important thing I need to do — a sort of perfectionism.  I’d like the authors of the course to consider shortening the length of the videos…maybe 30 to 45 minutes max?

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