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Daily Shoot Negligence

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Ahhhhh I’m such a slacker. It’s been a week since I’ve blogged about my experiences with the Daily Shoot. How is that possible?

Thursday, June 23rd
On this day we were encouraged to “work the angles” and provide “a unique perspective on an otherwise ordinary scene” for Daily Shoot #585. After reminiscing about MySpace angles and clichéd preteen photography I decided I wanted to take a picture from someone else’s perspective. This idea later turned into me photographing my cat Tux. Although Tux and I both inhabit the same house, we each view the area differently. I choose to take a picture looking up at Tux because it contrasts how I usually look down at him.

Friday, June 24th
Daily Shoot #586′s prompt was “Make a photograph of two complementary objects arranged to show their relationship to each other.” On this day I choose to photograph my favorite combination of food: PB&J.

Saturday, June 25th
The prompt for Daily Shoot #587 was “Make a photograph today that illustrates attraction. Pick whatever definition of the word you’d like.” After reading this prompt I knew I wanted to photograph magnetic attraction. The first thing that came to mind was refrigerator magnets, which would not have made a very exciting picture. I ultimately decided on photographing this old Wooly Willy toy.

Sunday, June 26th
Daily Shoot #588′s prompt was “Make a monochrome photograph today. Keep in mind that monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white.” One of the goals I set for myself when we were given this Daily Shoot assignment is to not manipulate any of the photos I take. I think it’s more of a challenge to find something in my environment instead of altering a photo to fit the prompt. Having said that, on this day I had a hard time with the prompt and considered just adjusting a picture to make it monochromatic. I ultimately decided to photograph my sister’s bathroom, which is decorated entirely blue.

Monday, June 27th
Daily Shoot #589′s prompt was “Make a photograph with around the number three today. Three objects. Three colors. The number three.” On this day I decided to take a picture of a fixture in my house that has three lights. I liked the way the fixture looked from this angle because of the contrast between the lighting and the dark background.

Tuesday, June 28th
The prompt for yesterday’s Daily Shoot, #590, was “Make a photograph that features white in a dominant manner. Use a white subject. Blow out the sky. Use your imagination.” As OCD as this sounds, I choose to photograph the carton of eggs because I loved the way they looked all lined up. I like the way certain things look when they are still undisturbed and in their packaging. As soon as one of the eggs is removed it will ruin the whole appearance for me. Another thing I like about this is how the picture isn’t entirely white because of the little red stamps.

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