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Design 3 – Livin’ by the day

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This is a woman in Chile who was forced into this shelter with many other people when the volcano erupted.  To me this woman just looked emotionally spent.  Maybe she lost someone close to her or doesn’t know where they are.  Either way, she is forced to watch her home destroyed before her eyes, looking at it through a window like it is a movie.  I wanted an emotional quote that could capture this moment, so unfortunately I had to look beyond hip-hop, to Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.  I found this song on an actual top 100 list.

If the song itself captured the moment a little better then maybe I’d post it, but I don’t think it does as much as the lyrics sugest.  I had the “siren” raised above the other text because I thought it would simulate the movement of a siren abruptly going off.  Also, the lower text depicts a waterfall.  I ran a color eraser tool over this part of the text a couple times to simulate white water.

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