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Final Daily Shoots

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This photo was for dailyshoot 595 where we had to capture a contrast of different sizes.  I used to love these little figures when I was younger (forget the exact name for them, so lets call them big-headz).  Looks like legendary ballers Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing finaly got to hang out with Slugger Ken Griffy Junior!!

This picture was for daily shoot 596 where we had to depict something linear.  It’s funny how multiple people chose to use a guitar.  In fact I saw someone who used a picture almost identical to mine, weird right?  I guess it wasn’t a very original idea.

This picture was supposed to depict a pattern for daily shoot 597.  I don’t think we had to do this one, but I couldn’t resist.  This is a candid picture my buddy took of me on the 4th of July, of course rockin’ the american flag top.  This effect inverted all of the colors.  I was wearing black shorts and a black top and I have dark hair.  Check out the American flag too.  Pretty cool patterns.

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