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Three’s a Crowd

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I got a littleee backed up on assignments these past couple of weeks. Here is my third audio assignment. I decided to do a ds106 radio bumper (not specifically for my radio show). I picked a good intro from a song, and then added the “I want to be a hippie” part.  I added that because before all this ds107 craziness, Jim Groom was constantly talking about hippies. I then added the window breaking to shatter the statement before and then to start the show I put in a nice song lyric from the one and only, Hilary Duff.

Here is my ds106 radio bumper:

Come Clean – Hilary Duff
Make It Rain – Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne
I wanna be a hippie –  Technohead
DS106 for life –
Lighter Ignition.wav – gelo_papas
Window breaking.MP3 – m1a2t3z4

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