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Harry Potter is Selling his Deathly Hallows!

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For the web stories assignment, I decided to have Harry Potter selling his deathly hallows on Amazon. The inspiration came from the premiere of the final Harry Potter moving coming out and watching the tutorial. I thought this assignment was pretty cute and interesting.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I went about this the best way. I kind of just picked a random Amazon page and started working, when I should have picked a better Amazon product page to work with. This page had a lot of information on it and I ended up having to change everything. I only took a screen shot of the site, instead of taking the whole page, because as  I was editing as I moved down the page I realized I had a LOT more stuff to edit. I ended up stopping at “Product Features” but I couldn’t get all of that in unless I zoomed out so you could barely see any of the writing. I thought this part came out well though. I had some difficulty with Firebug unfortunately. Almost everything went well, except for some reason my Edit button didn’t work. So I ended up having to edit it within the text. It was rather difficult because I had to figure out exactly where I was supposed to change and edit. It wasn’t a big issue but it was rather annoying.

Here is my web story. I will try and do another one later this weekend and get the whole page. Long live Harry Potter! :)

Web Story

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