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Link’s Busy Day

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That’s right: I found a way to play video games and do classwork at the same time! (Well, that was my thinking when I started this project. Reality was much harsher; finding the Triforce Chart and killing the Big Octo turned out to be the easy part.)

The description of this project is to “speed up your work day,” but the problem was, I don’t have a work day. The only equivalent I have is school work, and the only school work I had to do was this video. I’d have to make a video of myself making said video, which would create a paradox that could destroy the universe. Clearly, playing video games was the only solution. After all, 1. this is what I do on a typical work day anyway, given that I have spare time; and 2. nobody said it had to be my work day. So I recorded Link’s typical workday/night instead.

What you see is 42 minutes of me playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, sped up x8. Yeah, I know I’ve already done a Zelda-themed project before, but you can never have enough Zelda! Playing with the camera on was kind of a different experience, in that I felt like I had to actually get stuff done. Sure, I go on plenty of side-quests even in this video, to make it more like just your average 42 minutes in the game (which is full of side-quests). But were there no camera, I’d probably have spent 40 of those minutes just screwing around, and 2 minutes actually advancing through the game. Anyways, this is the kind of crap Link has to put up with on a daily basis, from killing sea monsters, to giving jewelry to strangers, to chasing around kids. Really, he’s the legendary hero trying to save the world, and he has to go around chasing kids?

Even after switching to a laptop that – unlike mine – didn’t crash at the slightest provocation, I still had some issues making this. Thankfully, my mother’s laptop has Roxio, so that’s what I ended up using… only to despair when I realized it could only speed up videos x4. I found a work-around, though: I edited a video that was 4x the original, and then edited that video x2. I also added the song Everyday by Carly Comando, because, as I said, this is just a typical day for Link, however un-typical it may seem to the rest of us. I think the song does a good job of portraying that. It’s also just an awesome song. The quality of the video is imperfect in more ways than one; for one thing, I really wish I hadn’t worn a white shirt that day, since it keeps reflecting in the screen. But I’m so glad that it finally exists that I don’t really care all that much.

Also, I wish sailing was really that fast in the actual game.

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