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Trailer Mashup

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For the second video assignment I went with the movie trailer mashup project. My first attempts at this were extremely frustrating as I tried to take both video and audio from the trailers for Limitless and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and mix them together to make a mashup. This proved extremely difficult in a couple ways, mostly because of my lack of experience with video editing on any format and but also because the product that I kept coming to was hugely disappointing and very shy of my expectations. So, in the face of a deadline and exceedingly large amounts of anger I decided to simply take the audio from Limitless and play it over the Harry Potter trailer, definitely not as ambitious as my original plan but with some minor cuts and editing it came out pretty well synced up and makes for a rather strange Harry Potter trailer. While I did give up on my initial plan I did not discard my work and am going to continue to see if I can come up with a quality product that if possible I will be adding to this post in a later update, but for now with midnight approaching I am settling for what I currently have. Both the video and audio in my movie are from youtube.

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