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Reponse to video and article

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Reading the article lead me to ask myself questions about how school started to expand and use modern technology and the internet to their advantage. With every question I asked myself, later as I continued reading, I would get and answer. I actually read the article before watching the video and the articles were very similar. The video just added a more visual aspect of opinions on how the internet and technology is taking over and how it may over-throw original thought and imagination. I loved the comparisions of how the internet/technology to their advantage. I honestly don’t think that the internet will take away from an individuals thought and originality or creative thinking, but that is only if the individual allows it to. Books wil always be around (hopefully). The outside world isthere for us to explore. I can’t imagine taking a virtual tour over actual experience. Yes, the internet might effect and cause some influence on the mind but that is as far as it will go. The internet is there for extra help. Educators use the internet now to their advantage.

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