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Week 3: A Mind Blower

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cc licensed photo from Big Mind Zen Center

As noted on the schedule page, I’ve decided to extend our discussion of Internet and Social Media Background through to this week. Subsequent weeks have been adjusted accordingly.

I’d like to begin this blog post by saying how encouraged and excited I’ve been by the work you all are doing for the daily shoot project. Many of you have quickly figured out the process and format of uploading and tweeting your photos. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of seeing how different people interpret each of the daily tasks. I’ve also been impressed by and grateful for the helpful and encouraging suggestions given to classmates, via twitter, when someone makes a mistake with the tweet format – as happened with me this past weekend.
Several students are getting up to speed with the blogs. I appreciate all the links for Ted Nelson and Doug Englebart that have been posted as per the homework assignment from last week. One of the juiciest discoveries for me was Invisible Revolution which is a documentary website about Engelbart that Erin found. For those of you still working on the homework, please remember to include a brief write up of the  links you found in your blog post. Check out Erin’s, David’s, Mayumi’s, or Johanna’s posts for examples of how to do the homework if you have any questions.
Speaking of your blogs, I am amazed with what I’ve been seeing so far. Several students already have made multiple postings. Please remember that your first “weekly” blog post is due this Thursday. When you’ve decided which of your blog posts you’d like to submit, please post the URL for that post on the shared Gooogle “Accounts” document. Also, don’t forget to read your classmates’ blogs (Google Readers subscriptions) and leave comments when the spirit moves you. 
And finally, what about this week’s agenda? As the title of this post says, it’s going to be “A Mind Blower.” I don’t want to give away too many details in advance. All I can say is that tonight, once we go over announcements, attendance and questions, you guys are going to show each other what you know. I’m expecting to see a combined truckload of mind-blowing awesomeness from everyone.
See you in class!

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