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Finally done with assignment 1

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After going through a lot of troubles to set up this blog I feel very happy right now. Basically, out of this assignments I learn multiple things about the internet. I had issues setting up this website because my internet provider was down so I set this whole thing up using only my smart phone. At the beginning it was a pain in the neck working with that small screen, then I became used to it. There was also a couple of times that the phone just shut down (i still don’t know why) while in the middle of writing my assignment (I think this is the third time I try). And after spending most of my sunday setting the whole domain and host provider things up, I realized how usefully this phone devices are for school.

P.S. Since today is Monday :( , here is a picture that would at least make you smile. :)

“A single smile can brighten the darkest day.”
monkeying around :)

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