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1am is the morning right?

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There’s nothing like posting in your blog once you’ve been struck with a thought that weaves in and out of your mind like whisper carried through the wind.  Just a heads up, this is one of those posts.

As i write this, 1:13am, I’m sitting here on my couch, watching 127 Hours, and to top it all of,  I just passed the infamous arm scene. Instead of cringing at the sight of the blood, I was more interested in the determination that caused this man to *spoiler alert*  cut his own arm off.

As he cut away at the veins and muscles of his arm, I thought to myself, “Will I ever be that determined in my life? Will I ever be that challenged?”

I don’t literally mean will I ever have to slice off my own arm, but will I ever be pushed to make drastic choices in my life like that. The strange part was, I answered myself right away.

“I hope so.” Was my immediate thought. I hope that I will have the opportunity to be challenged in that way. I would feel like a liar if I accomplished simple feats instead of great challenges. How can you earn an accomplishment the good old fashion way if you aren’t greatly  challenged.

Being a CT major, I feel the great challenges would be taking the worst criticism, having setbacks, and worst of all, being told no.

Being in this class gives me a sense of safety. I feel the skills I am learning are what is going to start me in the right direction, and make me more comfortable to step into this world that I am confident I’m ready for.

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