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No Digital Facelifts/A Personal Cyberinfrastructure Response

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I believe creating  ”a domain of your own” is essential to education these days because it allows students to keep up with the ever changing technology as well as be the masters of their own digital world. Too many students, in my opinion, are scraping the surface. They are only familiar with using social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. But there is more to the internet than that. Technology has grown since the 1990′s and it will continue to grow exponentially. I think it is imperative for students to be very fluent with the digital age we live in. Not being so can be a detriment to their future careers because they won’t be prepared to grapple with the ever changing digital environment. Classes like ds106, I believe, is what students need to be introduced to while in school because it will help them find their way in the digital world and prepare them for technological efficiency in the future.

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