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It’s All About Openness. . .

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That was something that Gardner had mentioned over and over again in his speech in “No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences.” The more he said it, the more I believed in it. I agree with him that if a students work is out in the open, more specifically, on the internet, then it is more open toward criticism and comments and praise rather than it ending up in a drawer like he said.  (Something that had always bugged me, why work so hard on something for it to be locked away forever?)

He strongly believes that every student should have their domain because it can curate the works that a student creates because it’s something that they should be proud of their whole life. I completely agree with him. A student with their own domain becomes the master of their own domain. They present what should be presented and are completely responsible for their own work and they should be proud by doing so, mainly because it’s the beginning projects in your career.

The example he used of comparing Little Big Planet to students’ domain was perfect. You give us the domain, but you also give us the tools to create and expand to sub-domains that only help us to grow our own work. And by growing, managing, and creating our own work then showcasing that work our own way, we become our own bosses.


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