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Repoman MacGuffin

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It seemed appropriate to submit a Messing with the MacGuffin assignment using Otto Paertz’s favorite film: Repoman. Those who watch this classic film closely and repeatedly will understand the origin of our task master’s name. Anyhow, here’s the stuff:

My process involved:

  • grabbing the image from the Film Babble Blog post linked to above
  • as I’m working away from home, I opened the jpg in Aviary’s online Phoenix Image Editor
  • I enlarged the canvas (not the image) and filled in the background with black paint
  • using the text tool with white font, I added the text hitting the return key between “make” and “the” to get the text to display across two line – the font is 48 point Bauhaus93
  • exporting the image as png and uploading it to blogger 

To understand the MacGuffin, if it is actually a MacGuffin, you’ll have to watch this excellent film – many times.

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