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10/13 – Midterm Exam: Practical Activity

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Now that you’ve completed the paper portion of you midterm exam, it’s time for the fun to begin. You have the remainder of the lesson hour to write a blog post. As mentioned on the midterm exam study guide slideshow, in addition to writing a few well formatted paragraphs, you will be required to do each of the following:

  1. add an HTML embed of a YouTube video that in some way relates to the topic of your post (it might be a good idea to mention the relation in the text of your post) Note: don’t use the video button the blogger editing window for this
  2. embed and properly attribute a CC licensed photo that you’ve found on Flicker that in some way relates to the topic of your post
  3. provide links to three blogs that in some way relate to the topic of your post

And what about the topic of your blog post? As this course is now focusing on digital storytelling and we will be making use of the ds106 system of selecting assignments and posting work, I thought it would be fun for you have your blog post focus on one assignment category from ds106 (you are welcome to focus on more than one if you wish).

So the broad subject of your post is the ds106 approach to digital storytelling. Within that subject, the topic you will blog about will be one of the following categories:

 So just to make sure we are all on the same sheet of music here, you have until 19:00 today (October 13, 2011) to write and publish this blog post. In it you will include the three numbered items above in addition to writing 3 or more well formatted paragraphs. Your blogpost will be evaluated primarily in terms of how successfully you complete the required tasks. Your writing should be clear and make sense, but it is of lesser importance than the specific tasks listed above. But I think it is fair to expect that your post be free of spelling errors – blogger does have a built in spell-check after all.

Once you’ve published your blog post, you are free to leave.

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