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Eleanor Powell Animate Gif

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I’m actually terribly excited that I was able to make this little animate GIF of one of the best tap dancers ever.

There’s much more to say about the process, but I’m in a rush as usual.

The thing is, it was done with totally free applications installed on a USB thumbdrive. What this means is that anyone can make animated GIFs so long as they have access to a fairly modern Windows box.

The tools used were:
GIMP Portable
MPEG Steamclip (yes, you can run it from a thumbdrive – but not through Portable APPs launcher)
Google Chrome Portable
Download YouTube as MP4 extension for Google Chrome (via Cogdog)

My apologies for the rushed post and less than stellar GIF of the awesome Eleanor. Rest assured, I’ll reprise this with ‘A’ game level intensity as soon as I can.

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