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Writing again!?!?

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A while back I decided to start writing a book. Since recent times I’ve been able to flesh out more of the plot and characters, which is more than one I’ve done in the past year since coming up with the idea.

I won’t bore you with details, only that I decided to create a map for my fictional realm. As of now it still goes unnamed and the writing can be harsh but its not as bad as one might think. At least not if you like writing. Lol.

Making decisions can be hard. Like, should I have one king where I had originally intended four? What should I name the towns and cities? What’s the scenery like?

I’ve always imagined this realm of mine to be somewhat like Final Fantasy XII.
It’s got a bit of everything, but somehow that medieval twist can really stand out.

Am I reaching? As far as books go? Does architecture really matter?

This kind of thing crosses my mind a lot and so I often have to remind myself to take it one step at a time.

Nonetheless its quite the adventure to create ones own world!

I’ll end on that note, in favourite going to read a book!

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