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A Moment at Yotsuya Station

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Marunouchi Subway Line – Yotsuya Station – Tokyo, Japan

Nothing related to the class here. Just wanted to try making a blog post from my iPhone. The app I’m using is called BloggerPlus. I use this instead of the free Blogger App because it also works with WordPress blogs (I use WordPress for another online project).

The iPhone 3G I use only has wifi connectivity as it was a hand-me-down gift from my mother after she bought an iPhone 4.

I’m not certain on this but it seems to function better as a camera since the recent update to iOS 5. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

I am really intrigued by the possibilities of mobile blogging but I suppose to be truly mobile one would need a phone connection. I wonder what Vannever Bush would have made of such technologies and usages?

A quick note about the snapshot might be in order. I was standing on the Yotsuya Station platform under bright Autumn sunshine when I looked up and noticed the roofline and sky. I thought to myself I’ve stood here hundreds of times and never noticed how interesting the scene was. Just as I was wishing I had a camera, I remembered mom’s old iPhone in my jacket pocket

By the time I was ready to shoot, the subway train was arriving. So I pointed and clicked. That’s how it happened.

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